Golden Brides

Blogging has been on my mind for the longest time. However conflicting priorities just kept this dream at bay. But here I am, penning my first post for you. Selecting where to start from has been a daunting task. It took hours of internal debate to zero in on a theme and then selecting a handful of pictures from years’ worth of work. The biggest ensemble of my Photography journey has been associated with weddings, from large extravaganzas to intimate gatherings, spread across cultures, religions and destinations.Of all the different elements of a nuptial, you will all agree, what truly stands tall are the Golden Brides.So my first blog post is a tribute to the beautiful brides shot through my lens.From sultry lehengas, scorching cholis to minimalistic neutrals, from confident to coy, from quirky to traditional, I have selected these shots for you today.

4L9A4088-24L9A4200_SnapseedJZ4A3345JZ4A98834L9A91754L9A9448JZ4A8844JZ4A08194L9A18574L9A33114L9A7632JZ4A47664L9A85224L9A84124L9A68904L9A41494L9A61464L9A53154L9A30684L9A0100DSC_5147DSC_5208So that was my tribute to these gorgeous brides. I will come back soon with another aspect of weddings in the blog series – “I do”. Feel free to drop in your comments and feedback. You can get in touch with me at the co-ordinates mentioned on my website.


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